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Call for Special Issue Proposals

ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) invites proposals for a special issue of the journal devoted to any topic in information retrieval.  Special issues are often organized around topics that have had significant recent workshop activity, although this is not a requirement.  Past special issues have focused on topics such as searching spoken content (30(3), August 2012), and contextual search and recommendation (33(1), January 2015). An issue on trust and veracity in social media is currently underway (34(2), April 2016). See the TOIS Editorial Charter ( for more information about topics typically covered by TOIS.

    The special issue will be managed by 1-4 guest editor(s), under the supervision of the TOIS Editorial Board. It must have an open call for papers, be open to anyone, and have a rigorous review process. The papers themselves must be significant original work; they cannot be small extensions of previously published papers (see Guest editors may write a brief overview paper that introduces the topic and provides context for the issue, but will not ordinarily be authors or co-authors of other papers in the issue.

   The proposal for a special issue should introduce the topic and explain why it is important to have a special issue on that topic now.  It should include a survey of recent literature on the topic (related special issues, workshop and conference proceedings) and explain the added value of the proposed special issue against the background of other relevant publications (if applicable). Proposals should include a tentative Guest Editorial Board, information about the prospective Guest Editors (relevant experience, publications, etc), an indication that the Guest Editors have agreed to serve (at least in principle), and a tentative time-line for the production of the special issue. If a proposal is accepted, the time-line will be subject to negotiation and agreement with the TOIS Editor-in-Chief, Maarten de Rijke.

Important dates

- March 1, 2018

Deadline for submitting proposals to Maarten de Rijke (derijke at

- April 1, 2018

Notification of acceptance or rejection

- May 1, 2018

Special issue Call For Papers is published

- May 1, 2019

Special issue published

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