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ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), Volume 12 Issue 4, Oct. 1994

DIRECT: a query facility for multiple databases
Ulla Merz, Roger King
Pages: 339-359
DOI: 10.1145/185462.185472
The subject of this research project is the architecture and design of a multidatabase query facility. These databases contain structured data, typical for business applications. Problems addressed are: presenting a uniform interface for...

A speech-act-based negotiation protocol: design, implementation, and test use
Man Kit Chang, Carson C. Woo
Pages: 360-382
DOI: 10.1145/185462.185477
Existing negotiation protocols used in Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) systems rarely take into account the results from negotiation research. We propose a negotiation protocol, SANP (Speech-Act-based Negotiation Protocol), which is...

An exploratory evaluation of three interfaces for browsing large hierarchical tables of contents
Richard Chimera, Ben Shneiderman
Pages: 383-406
DOI: 10.1145/185462.185483
Three different interfaces were used to browse a large (1296 items) table of contents. A fully expanded stable interface, expand/contract interface, and multipane interface were studied in a between-groups experiment with 41 novice participants....

Preference-based decision making for cooperative knowledge-based systems
Stephen T. C. Wong
Pages: 407-435
DOI: 10.1145/185462.185484
Recent advances in cooperative knowledge-based systems (CKBS) offer significant promise for intelligent interaction between multiple AI systems for solving larger, more complex problems. In this paper, we propose a logical, qualitative...