Proposing a Special Issue

ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) does not accept unsolicited proposals to have a special issue on a specific topic.  Instead, TOIS occasionally makes public requests for proposals (RFPs) to have a special issue on a topic of current interest.  Requests for proposals are typically announced on SIG-IRList and in other public newsletters and mailing lists.  Typically a call will remain open for several months to allow time for editorial teams to form and develop a strong proposal.  Special issue proposals are reviewed by the TOIS Editorial Board, which may select none, one, or several of the proposals.

Special issues are open to all authors.  Typically they are announced on the TOIS homepage, on SIG-IRList, and in other newsletters or mailing lists as appropriate.  Papers submitted to a special issue go through the usual review process.

Upcoming Requests for Special Issue Proposals

Currently there is no open request for proposals. 

Last change: June 25, 2012